May 01, 2019

Tough Enough Now Available!

At Amazon on Kindle and Paperback

Nigel Logan Tough Enough

Long before Nigel Logan sailed into St. Joe Bay to discover Florida’s Forgotten Coast, long before finding his new life and family away from a navy career cut short by controversy, and long before becoming the loving but tough vigilante … he was just a boy. A boy nobody would have ever thought capable of growing into a killer, much less one that could get away with it.

To better understand the man, Logan, you must first meet Nigel, the boy. He would have been perfectly happy being the quiet kid and man he would have developed into, but others wouldn’t let the sleeping dog lie. There was an awakening. One that gave birth to a golden retriever-pit bull mix, caring and thoughtful on one side, ruthless and unapologetic on the other. Which side of young Nigel Logan others found themselves on was entirely up to them.

Find out what it means to be … TOUGH ENOUGH.


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Book Four?

Is there going to be another book from Stool 17 or not?

I do get that question a lot, and it’s usually asked with a certain amount of impatience mixed with a sprinkling of anxiety. That excites and honors me. Thank you!

The support and encouragement I have received during my journey in writing has been nothing short of amazing. And while it’s always nice to see those little deposits from Amazon hit the account, or the checks that arrive in the mail from No Name Café (with a note that says, We Need Books!), the kind words I receive from you are far more valuable.

To answer that specific question: No. The Stool 17 series is over. It was always intended to be a three book series. The bar stool is in good hands and Nigel has moved on leaving his troubles behind. However, trouble will always find Nigel Logan, and often he will go looking for it himself…

…Yes. Tough Enough, Nigel’s fourth book is in the making. Continue reading

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A Facelift for Tales from Stool 17

Tales from Stool 17; Finding Port St. Joe; Nigel Logan; Kirk JockellHow many times have you heard it? You can’t judge a book by its cover. That’s true. However, we do anyway. The cover art we place on our work matters. Potential buyers will pass up the opportunity to get to know your work, if the cover doesn’t pull them in. Every publisher, whether they are indie or traditional, will tell you that.

When I first released the Tales from Stool 17 series, I knew my covers were only okay. Well, to be honest, the cover for book one was okay. The cover for book two actually sucked, and the cover for book three was a bit better than book one.

I should probably give myself a little bit of credit. Since I was doing everything myself, they weren’t totally awful. Right? Right. They were just awful enough that I’m sure I was losing sales. Aside from the money, I was losing potential readers, and that is what I ultimately want: Readers. But budgets being what they were, I stayed with what I had created. Until now. Continue reading

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Writing and Trust

We made it across the finish line. The conclusion of Tales from Stool 17 is done and available at The final book of this three-part series, Dark Days of Judgment, was overdue. It’s been over a year since book two, Trouble in Tate’s Hell, was released, and, for a while, I wondered if book three would leave the gate.

I didn’t plan on such a late release. There were several factors that kept pushing the project down the road. Each one factor started as an excuse and ultimately circled back to point to the real culprit: Me.

I made mistakes. Not miscalculations, mishaps, or missteps, they were mistakes. Those other softer descriptions attempt to shift responsibility. Not me. I made mistakes, and I own them. While I would prefer to avoid screwing up, I appreciate them. Mistakes are our greatest teachers. Continue reading

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Tales from Stool 17; Dark Days of Judgment Available Now


 AMAZON Kindle and Paperback

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Miss Dixie’s Story


The fat, heartless, callous veterinarian asked, “So, who is going to pay for this?”
The lady and her girlfriend turned to look at each other, each face splattered with a look of disbelief. The lady turned back and said, “I don’t know. We just found her this way. She needs help. Help her.”

It was late winter, March 04, 2004. The lady and her girlfriend were driving down a busy road when they came across a dog in the middle of the street. They pulled over to help. The dog hadn’t been hit or run-over, but she was injured. She could barely walk or stand. An animal trap was snapped around a back leg. She was a gentle dog, and with the help of a young man that had also stopped, they put the dog in the lady’s car. The vet’s office was just across the street.

“But someone has to be responsible for the services,” the vet replied in a curt tone.

Continue reading

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First Interview

A few weeks ago I received an email from reporter Wes Locher. He is a staff writer for the The Star, the local newspaper in Port St. Joe. He asked if I would be interested in coming by to chat about my books and my connection with the area. Hell yeah!

So, last Friday I spent about an hour with Wes at their offices located in the Piggly Wiggly shopping center complex. It was fun. We had a nice talk and covered quite a bit of ground. After it was over and I was walking out to my Bronco, I began to think … Damn Kirk, did you say anything stupid? I’m sure I did. I usually do. But … you wouldn’t know it by the article. I am quite proud of it. Click here to read it.

And, as it turns out, the young reporter also collaborates with others to create graphic novels. (Back in the day, we called them comics).   Check him out at his website

Kirk Out!


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Shitty First Drafts

My decision to start writing came late in life. I was 50, a half-century in age, when I decided to throw all caution to the wind and start writing with purpose. Recognizing my age and eventual mortality, time wasn’t on my side. There was much to do, and, to make matters worse, I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t, but I know a lot more now than I did four years ago. Okay … the cat’s out of the bag. I’m 54.

I was in Baltimore, Maryland on business. The day was over, and I was in my hotel room that overlooked the harbor. I had my laptop out pounding out an article for my sailing club’s newsletter. Bored to death with the truth, I put that project aside and started writing something else. It was a sailing story, but fiction. I stopped writing and stared at the screen. What are you doing? My only answer was … I don’t know, but I like it.

Continue reading

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