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Dark Days of Judgment wraps ups the Stool 17 Series. It is full of the thrills, twists, and suspense expected out of a Nigel Logan novel. And let’s not forget the occassinal smile, those are there too.

Logan’s trouble in Tate’s Hell was evidence enough. He always knew, in the back of his mind, that his new existence and life on The Forgotten Coast would be temporary. Logan runs from nobody or anything. So, when authorities in Virginia drag a loved one deep into the investigation of Terrance “T-Daddy” Lundsford’s murder, Chief Logan responds decisively. Virginia awaits him.

Now available on Kindle and Paperback at




Trouble in Tate’s Hell  the suspenseful and page turning saga of retired Navy Chief Nigel Logan continues.
The fresh start Nigel found on Florida’s Forgotten Coast, didn’t last long. Just as it seems everything is behind him, the troubles he left behind in Norfolk, Virginia decide to pay him a visit.  He can no longer ignore them when trouble comes to call. He will have to fight to keep all that is dear.

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