Book Four?

Is there going to be another book from Stool 17 or not?

I do get that question a lot, and it’s usually asked with a certain amount of impatience mixed with a sprinkling of anxiety. That excites and honors me. Thank you!

The support and encouragement I have received during my journey in writing has been nothing short of amazing. And while it’s always nice to see those little deposits from Amazon hit the account, or the checks that arrive in the mail from No Name Café (with a note that says, We Need Books!), the kind words I receive from you are far more valuable.

To answer that specific question: No. The Stool 17 series is over. It was always intended to be a three book series. The bar stool is in good hands and Nigel has moved on leaving his troubles behind. However, trouble will always find Nigel Logan, and often he will go looking for it himself…

…Yes. Tough Enough, Nigel’s fourth book is in the making.

After finishing book three, I took a little time off from writing, or even thinking about writing. But after several months, the bug crept back into my brain and gave me the ideas for not just book four, but book five as well. So … we are back in the saddle.

In Trouble in Tate’s Hell, book two of the Stool 17 series, the episode The Awakening gave us a glimpse of Nigel Logan as a kid. That was the moment that would shape his future and who he is today. That got me to thinking: always a dangerous thing. What about a prequel? Tell the young Nigel story and follow him until he joins the Navy. That’s when the keyboard started clicking again.

So far, it has been a treat having Nigel and the other characters guide me and show me the stories that I will later share with you. I won’t give anything away, but there are times when I have to pause from writing. Is he really capable of that? Damn. Then I scratch my head and say, “I guess so. They’re the ones telling me what happened.”

Now I don’t have a projected release date yet, so don’t ask. But when I do, y’all on the mailing list will be the first to know. Until then, thanks again. Now let’s get back to the writing.


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  1. Heidt Adams says:

    Sooooo glad to hear what’s in the works my friend. I’m recovering from a bad conch walking episode and can use all the good reading material I an get. Thank goodness for the GREAT book exchange in Georgetown, Exumas. Enjoying the 65th Family Regatta.
    Best to you and family, Heidt Adams.

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