Kirk Jockell_300Kirk Jockell is an Indie Writer, Photographer of Sailboats, and Avid Sailor.

He’s a writer and the author of the three book series Tales from Stool 17; The Nigel Logan Stories.  Each book is made up of stories. He actually thinks of them as episodes.  The final book in the Stool 17 three part series was released May 2017.  If you asked him if it’s best to read them in order, he would say, “Yeah! I have a yacht payment due. But more importantly, each of the following volumes are built upon the others.

While the Stool 17 trilogy is done, Jockell is not. He still has other projects bouncing around in his brain that make him very excited.

As for sailing, he races, cruises, and day sails for simple pleasure. His real interest in sailing is single-handed sailing. While he enjoys the camaraderie and crew work of sailing with others, he especially loves the idea of One Man … One Boat. He says, “When it’s just you and the boat, it just doesn’t get any better than that.”  And when not actually sailing, he can often be found tinkering on whatever flavor of boat he currently has in a slip.

His love of sailing gave birth to a passion for photography. He loves shooting sailboats, so it is shouldn’t be a surprise when his main character, Nigel Logan, supplements his Navy retirement check by travelling around shooting regattas. Even though he is reluctant to admit it, he probably enjoys framing a boat through his lens more than sailing itself.  He struggles with both. And he never complains about the hours it takes to mull over hundreds of shots taken at regattas.

He hails from the small, coastal town of Port St. Joe, Florida, but platoons his time up around Georgia’s Lake Lanier where he commutes to Atlanta for what remains of his work with a regular job–not sexy enough to mention here.

He is married to his lovely wife of 30+ years, Joy. They live with their black cat, Stormy (that still pukes a lot), and a bottle of Jim Beam.